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Edgardo Veguilla Gonzalez

EVG Law Offices LLC
Puerto Rico area
Edgardo Veguilla Gonzalez received his J.D. from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law in the June 2001 and was admitted to practice law in Puerto Rico in February 2002, and later was admitted to the federal bar in July 2003 and to the First Circuit Court of Appeals on April 2004. Additionally, Mr. Veguilla Gonzalez received a LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Law from the University of Houston Law Center on May 2007. His thesis paper, titled “Whatever Happened to Copyright Defenses Under The DMCA,” explored the detrimental effects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act over technological innovator and investors, by creating new unbalanced prohibitions that appear to be impervious to traditional copyright defenses.

Mr. Veguilla Gonzalez has worked as legal counsel for the Puerto Rico House of Representatives, as a law firm associate, participating in active litigation in areas such as general civil practice, labor, torts & civil rights both in State and Federal Court, and as a staff attorney for the Puerto Rico Planning Board, defending the Board’s policies and decisions in active litigation and appellate procedures, as well as advising the Board on the drafting of its regulations regarding intellectual property and database protection policies.

A solo practitioner for the past 10 years, Mr. Veguilla Gonzalez opened offices in Caguas Puerto Rico, and has dedicated his practice to Chapter 7 & 13 consumer bankruptcy, and adversary proceedings for automatic stay and discharge injunction violations. Mr Veguilla Gonzalez also represents debtors in foreclosure actions filed in the Puerto Rico State Courts, including appearing on behalf of debtors as part of the prerequisite compulsory mediation process before a court-appointed mediator.

The typical clients of Mr. Veguilla Gonzalez are elderly or disabled recipients of social security facing foreclosure, government employees burdened by statutory liens over their benefits, wage-earners facing lay-off or unexpected health expenses, public housing residents that face eviction for unbearable utility arrears. In his office, the time dedicated to clarify debtors' misconceptions and the disinformation about the bankruptcy process these debtors receive from creditors, relatives and friends, is easily comparable to the time needed to filing the forms, appearing in Court and filing the briefs. Debtors' understanding of the process, their rights and duties, makes a substantial difference both in their commitment and satisfaction with case and in their successful completion of the same.

Mr. Veguilla Gonzalez's interests include Consumer Bankruptcy, Ch13 Plans, Automatic Stay Violation, Discharge Injunction Violation, Legal Marketing, Mortgage Modification, Regulation X.
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